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Sep. 25th, 2017 11:01 pm
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I got called in to work at Garden Place today, as a very last-minute proposition.
Office manager had to call administration to approve 'extra' hours, as relief workers are supposed to stay under 29 hours per week.  Last week, I had 37 hours, with "approval" but two of the locations where I work are hiring for, basically 'my position', and both floor managers have asked me to apply for full time.  But I've had that job before, and I prefer the flexibility and freedom, something I feel I've never had in my life before, granted, I can blame myself as much as anyone, therefore I won't blame anyone.
Not many people are willing to do a last-minute ten hour shift, and I have a pretty rare qualification at Garden Place, which is my med passing delegation. I have a pretty good record of med passing with ALMOST no errors in the 5+ years I've worked there.
I'm glad to be so valued to both programs, Uhlhorn housing for Traumatic Brain Injury clients, and Garden Place, a residential treatment facility, which is a 'Locked Facility'
This is a teenage job, in some ways, and there are a few males on staff, but many of the employees, whether they stay, or not, are mostly younger female students, and they usually don't stay too long.

Program Managers I've worked with at Garden Place include
Sharon Martim
Denise Oldham

Mary Andreasson
Tara Ferley
Megan Biggs

Kevin (ew)

The Floor Managers
Jessica Hammond (just got pregnant)
Paul Devencenzi

also Jim Martin, office Manager
Chuck and Diana, the volunteers

Melissa (Melinda)

other relief
David K

Wu Wang / Remaining Blameless

Sep. 19th, 2017 03:29 pm
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I went down to L.A. for my mom's 80th birthday party at the end of august.

Me and Mom, her 80th Birthday Party

I drove down in heavy smoke, the peak of Mount Shasta was not visible from Highway 5 at all. The fires have been nasty since then.

I stayed with Aunt Carol and Uncle Frank on my way down.

while I was down in California, I went to "It's Not Dead Fest 2" at Glen Helen amphitheater. way the F out in San Bernardino.
I saw CH3, Reagan Youth, The Buzzcocks, the Adicts, OFF!, Selecter, U.S. Bombs, G.B.H. and others.

I didn't stick around for Rancid or Dropkick Murphys, because it was so hot and dusty.

The Indiscretions played a show September 2nd at Black Forest. The 2 other bands playing both had ex members of The Double Deuce, a band I started, and sang lead vocal for....

There is more hurricane coverage on TV as Hurricane Maria is poised to hit Puerto Rico and New York.

The Messer Chups are great, but I'm suspicious that every time its a different dark haired female playing the bass......
They're playing in seattle with another group I used to love and just haven't heard in ages,... the Boss Martians.

I had a pretty bad break up 2 weeks ago. I had been seeing this person pretty steady since May. I'm still crushed, a little bit obsessed, trying to get over it.....

Now the Indiscretions are playing a show Friday, and my heart is not 100% into it, so I will have to dig a little deeper than usual to bring out a great performance....

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