Sep. 2nd, 2017

gregoryogrieco: (eye)
WED 12:44PM
damn i missed you...12 hours ago. i am waking up to robert johnson.
FRI 10:07PM
at this point i do not know if mary is going to pay her rent, or not. ever since my conversation with my social worker earlier today, she has been on a rampage. i have no idea why.
she does not need a reason. i suppose nobody really does. shit happens, even internally.
i am about to smoke a bowl here and then i'll be right as rain.
so you trolled karl's page? he is a great guy. he is a fucking maniac. bipolar 1, vs my bipolar 2.
when he goes manic, he ends up in the hospital. it is way more severe in nature than my hypomania. and he is quite good at describing the experience. karl is NOT BORING lol
oops that was supposed to be my bong symbol
new deadly women right now. i am taping it. that show is so good for keeping perspective. see? whatever mary does, compared to every single one of these women, she is an angel haha
i sent you a friend suggestion, but a word to the wise about karl...he is kinda...militant. more brash than me at least. my mom had to unfollow him cause of his, uh, abrasive atheism. i agree with the atheism part, but at times differ with his approach.
ok...mary is quieter now, and just came downstairs and did not yell at me. it is so bewildering at times cause i literally never know what might set her off. it's like living with a contact explosive.
nitrogen tri-iodide
google it. you can set that shit off by breathing on it.
i think i can put that in a song hmmm
i got some sleep today but i have pretty much been on a three day manic moment...i am enjoying the ride while it lasts. i have gotten tons done, as usual. it must be hard living with me 😞
nothing that the wicked pickett can't solve...99 and a half won't do...

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