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2017-07-04 01:17 am

back in the home of the funk

oh, ohio! i love you!!
who knew in 1980 when we moved here i was coming home? and i still left. more than once.
but here i am now, and probably forever.
happy independence day america!!
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2017-06-23 05:49 am

kate sandstrom saves the day

i live!
i am not going to die anytime soon. i am good to go til around christmas. kate (a proud member of clan stewart) and i had a good long talk and i oddly enough found myself agreeing with her on almost every subject.
nothing more..stimulating...than a smart and pretty professional.
i am still manic as fuck...about three days now..i got ten hours or so sleep in the middle somewhere, but now today i'm bouncing in my seat like a middle school schlub with a rock hard woody in gym class.
ok then. gonna see what happens if i make this public.
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2017-04-10 07:57 pm

it worked!!

it took a couple days, and it is still working on all the comments. soon as that is finished, i will start on blog #2.
now - important do i set it up to scrobble from
omar and i got in a huge fight soon as i woke up, which once again was past 6pm. i am sleeping hard and long, but during the day, and i awoke to omar being mega-bitch. *sigh*
i still love her, god. no sweat. do yer worst woman. i can take it, times ten..
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2017-04-09 03:48 am

still in line...

this might take some time, even days. in the meantime, i am watching criminal intent on some channel or other, and i might as well say it here now, i am very happy with spectrum, the new time/warner. everything works as advertised, except for the voice mail on the fone, but i can always get a machine to answer
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2017-04-08 10:01 pm

a brand new spot...

moving everything from LJ here to dreamwidth, and i will decide later once the import is done, i have three separate journals to move over, if i will make them public, or not. probably not.
but what the hey. welcome to dreamwidth greg