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oh hey hi! sorry i never called you back, i slept for a long long time. when i don't take my meds it can be sketchy when i finally do take them.
yeah indeed, if someone took my meds and was not used to them they would be passed out in a half hour
i slept all day so i will be up all night now and i'm all topsy turvy again. oh well. it's not that big a deal. ivory is three hours behind us, and charlotte is five hours ahead.
in a week it will be a year since nancy died. the end of twenty lost years. we met in '96, and she dies in '16. might have been to the day of when we met for all i know. and i am doing so so much better. you do know that she was the one who convinced me to start drinking again don't you? i was re-reading my blog from last year and she was persona non grata ever since i told her to go to treatment. it might have saved her life if she had gone, or if the court had not been so easy on her after she got the DWI in 2015.
on the anniversary on the 22nd i am going to take off my pent and put it away in my special box. i am done
the period of mourning is over, and it's time for a new chapter in my life.
i do not need it any longer.
i will hopefully be making appts later for my medical doc for sure. i want to try chantix to stop smoking. i am as stable as i am ever going to get so i want to give it a try. i doubt i will go off the deep end.
actually maybe i should rephrase that. i am not that stable. earlier tonite and ever since i woke up i have been in a tizzy. mary is not the only one here who has meltdowns. i sure do. just not in public. except the one time i had a panic attack in walmart and bolted on you..
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we have to mock, make fun off, ignore, and moon all neo-nazis.
if you fight them, you are losing the propaganda war. big time. you are playing into their hands..
wag yer dick at 'em! i would wager yer's is gonna be larger than their's. prove it!
fucking nazis
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so it just might be finally happening. she might actually move out this time. i am going to miss her. my greatest fear is she will just disappear from my life, like her four previous husbands. i don't want to be on that list.
we'll see. i will live on no matter what happens. obviously, she won't be able to move out totally for some time. it's on 152nd, easy to get to on the bus, but a long long walk.
she borrowed my cell fone and is walking there. it will take at least two hours. good luck!
now, time for a hot bath in my empty home..
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oh, ohio! i love you!!
who knew in 1980 when we moved here i was coming home? and i still left. more than once.
but here i am now, and probably forever.
happy independence day america!!
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i live!
i am not going to die anytime soon. i am good to go til around christmas. kate (a proud member of clan stewart) and i had a good long talk and i oddly enough found myself agreeing with her on almost every subject.
nothing more..stimulating...than a smart and pretty professional.
i am still manic as fuck...about three days now..i got ten hours or so sleep in the middle somewhere, but now today i'm bouncing in my seat like a middle school schlub with a rock hard woody in gym class.
ok then. gonna see what happens if i make this public.
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it took a couple days, and it is still working on all the comments. soon as that is finished, i will start on blog #2.
now - important do i set it up to scrobble from
omar and i got in a huge fight soon as i woke up, which once again was past 6pm. i am sleeping hard and long, but during the day, and i awoke to omar being mega-bitch. *sigh*
i still love her, god. no sweat. do yer worst woman. i can take it, times ten..
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this might take some time, even days. in the meantime, i am watching criminal intent on some channel or other, and i might as well say it here now, i am very happy with spectrum, the new time/warner. everything works as advertised, except for the voice mail on the fone, but i can always get a machine to answer
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moving everything from LJ here to dreamwidth, and i will decide later once the import is done, i have three separate journals to move over, if i will make them public, or not. probably not.
but what the hey. welcome to dreamwidth greg

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